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Do you own a business within an industrial work environment, on a premises surrounded by tools and heavy machinery? Whether you are a cabinet maker, a mechanic, own a scrap metal yard or work in a large fabrication workshop, our team of experienced tradesmen have the electrical knowledge and ability to serve you and keep your businesses running productively and at full capacity. Are you looking to build your own business premises or looking to expand your existing space? Always Electrical is able to offer design and installation of your electrical for your individual and specialized requirements, in order to improve the functionality of your industrial workspace.

Electrical safety and compliance are of great importance when running an industrial business to ensure you and your employees are safe. Whether you need to upgrade your lighting or power to your premises or need to get RCD inspections completed, our tradesmen are trained to ensure that your business’s electrical components are safe and ready to keep your business moving.


We have a skilled team of Electricians who specialize in the following Industrial Electrical work:

Workshops | Warehouses | Wholesale Facilities | Factories | Manufacturing Plants | Fabrication and Mining Technology

Electrical for New Industrial Construction

When building a new industrial workspace, it is important to consider your individual business needs. By tailoring your electrical design and installation to the type of work you do and the type of equipment and technology you use, you will be able to create a functional space that provides productivity and efficiency within your workflow. At Always Electrical, we have a dedicated team of tradesman who design, manage and fit your electrical installation to ensure your specific needs are met.

Always Electrical concentrates on providing a tailored approach that instills quality and functionality into your workplace. We believe in providing solutions that will continue to meet your needs and stand the test of time. Always Electrical sources electrical components that will withstand day to day wear and tear, to ensure your business continues to run at optimal capacity.

Working alongside some of Western Australia’s leading construction companies, Always Electrical has worked on many new industrial construction projects from design through to base build and complete electrical fit out. We have specialized trade teams with extensive experience in industrial electrical work, in order to provide quality workmanship within required deadlines. Our electricians value precise and orderly work, without haphazard attitudes or quick fixes that will devalue your electrical installation.

Do you want to hear more about the process of commercial or industrial construction project? Read more about the different stages of a commercial electrical project here.

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Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Upgrades

As electrical technology develops and changes, upgrading electrical components within your workplace can have a positive effect on both the functionality of your workshop or factory as well as increase profitability by saving on electricity bills. Whether it is moving away from halogen lighting and upgrading to LED high bays or installing more 32amp power outlets for new machinery, Always Electrical is able to help you by installing high quality fittings that will provide you with lasting results.

In addition to functionality, our trained electricians are able to work on the installation of new and upgraded switchboards for your industrial space in order to provide more electrical reliability and further safety. Using the latest technology in RCDs, circuit breakers and surge protection means that we are able to provide your workplace with up to date solutions that meet the safety requirements demanded by Australian law.


Experiencing a power fault or machinery breakdown at work can be a huge challenge and can cause many issues with productivity within your workday. At Always Electrical we are here to provide your workplace with prompt and precise maintenance work in order to get your business and workflow back up and running.

Our Electricians are able to help with a range of maintenance work, including:

Burnt or Faulty Electrical cords | Flickering or blown Lights | Tripping RCDs | Circuit overload | Faulty Timers | Bore and Machine Faults | Sparking GPO or Light Switches | Machinery Installation | Installation of Machinery Replacement Parts | Machine Motor issues | Switchboard overload

Safety Compliance Checks

As part of the Australian standards, businesses are required to have regular testing and inspection of electrical equipment. This can be done by a qualified electrician using various types of electrical testing equipment depending on the type of inspection and logging that is required. Our specialised team of maintenance electrical tradesmen are trained in ensuring your business is left safe and compliant, so that you can have peace of mind that you are meeting government requirements and offering a healthy work environment.

Test and Tag

Depending on the industry you work in, your business is required to have its electrical equipment tested and tagged at regular intervals. This is determined through a number of factors, including the type of environment, the type of equipment and the likelihood it is subject to hostile environments that are likely to cause flexing of power cords and damage to the equipment. Any Industrial space, including factories, workshops or businesses that offer a repair service require all electrical equipment to be tagged every 6 months. These items include all Class I and Class II equipment, extension cords and portable power blocks and outlets. Class I equipment is protectively earthed, meaning it has the earth pin on the power plug, making it a 3-pin plug. Class II equipment only has 2 pins on the plug, not requiring an earth pin because it is double insulated. It is also important to note that if you have equipment that is used for site work, these will need testing every 3 months.

Testing and tagging of office electrical devices (such as computers and kitchen appliances) is also important to keep in mind, however these require less frequent testing than your industrial tools. Power cords that are exposed to regular flexing will need to be tested yearly, however devices such as desktop computers and phones only require inspection every 5 years.

Emergency Lighting

In accordance with AS/NZS 2293 workplaces are required to have emergency lighting and exit signs to provide clear signage for employees and visitors in case of emergency. These lights are designed to be powered by battery in case of a power failure. In order to ensure you are meeting the Australian standards, workplaces require their emergency exit signs to be tested at 6 monthly intervals. Discharge tests will be conducted where the battery charger will be disconnected on the lighting to ensure it is illuminated for a duration of 90 minutes. This test simulates a power outage in order to determine if the lights are in good working order in case of a blackout.

RCD Testing

In order to meet OHS standards in the workplace, you are required to ensure all RCDs are kept safe and in good working order. In addition to this, according to AS/NZS 3760:2010 regulations, any Residual Current Devices are required to be tested and logged at regular intervals depending on the type of workplace you are accountable for. Every 6 months you should be doing a push button test on your RCDs, this can be done by you or someone at your company. However, every 12 months you are required to have the ‘trip time’ tested and recorded by a licensed electrician and logged in your workplace RCD logbook. For Portable Residual Current Devices, you should be doing a push button test prior to use, and then also tested by a licensed electrician every 12 months to record the trip time.

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