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Whether you are a school, church or store front our team of skilled electricians have the capacity to design and install the electrical components of your new building project or commercial renovation. Always Electrical is here for the long-haul, ready to support you as you grow and implement new ideas! We are ready to help with electrical upgrades and any maintenance you need to keep your business or organization working at optimal performance.

We have skilled teams of Electrical Tradesmen able to work on the following Projects:

Retail Store Fronts | Shopping Centres | Food Outlets | Cafes & Restaurants | Schools | Medical & Care Facilities | Churches & Places of Worship | Fitness Centres & Gyms | Entertainment Venues | Child Care Centres | Office and Workspaces | Community Centres

Electrical for New Commercial Construction

Electrical Design and Installation

Are you looking into building a new commercial premise? Or are you a construction company in charge of building commercial structures for a range of businesses? Electrical design and installation is one of the key elements of a functional commercial premises, especially in the technological age we live in. Our businesses rely heavily on the use of electricity to keep our businesses running day after day, so having a functional and highly efficient electrical fit out is imperative. At Always Electrical we believe in offering effective and efficient electrical solutions that provide long lasting results. Our team sees the importance in providing an excellent service that will ensure your business is operating at optimal capacity to increase productivity for your business!

Always Electrical focuses on providing a premium service that implements the latest technologies for both new construction and retrofitting of existing installations. We pride ourselves in using energy efficient solutions and we ensure we are up to date on documentation of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and OSH regulations in order to provide you with accurate advice and solutions according to government requirements.

Electrical for Base Builds

Commercial construction is often divided into two stages, depending on the leasing or purchase agreements that are in place. The first stage is referred to as the shell or base build, focusing on the outer structure of the building making up the basic building form. As experienced commercial electricians, Always Electrical focuses on ensuring the basic structure is prepped and ready for a complete fit out, ensuring the building is connected to power supply. This means the commercial base build will require a switchboard and underground wiring to supply power to the building, as well as emergency lighting and fire detection when required. The electrical works during the base build phase will include all necessary components for the building to be powered.

Electrical works during the base build can include:

Liaising with Western Power and NBN Co

Supply, install and commission of Site Main Switchboard

Low Voltage Consumer Mains and Submain cabling

Cable Trays and Support Cable Systems

Earthing Systems

General Power Distribution

Consumption Metering Systems

Basic Internal Lighting

Outdoor lighting, including Car Park Lighting solutions

Emergency Lighting

Access Control Systems

Fire Detection

Electrical Commissioning

Electrical Fit Out

Once the base build is complete, electrical fit out can commence. This is often done within the same process as the shell, especially for clients that own a single occupancy building, rather than clients that are choosing to lease out the development to a number of tenants. Electrical fit out focuses on providing owners or tenants with the necessary specialty electrical items in order to build a functional work environment. While the basics have been installed at base build, including wiring and power to roller doors, basic power points and lighting, fit out ensures that there is power supply and lighting for the specific layout and set up of the building. This process provides the opportunity for the install of any industry specific safety switches or call buttons, medical grade GPOs and lighting. Fit out could alternatively focus on the visual merchandising of the building and will ensure that there is adequate and well positioned power points and lighting for its individual use.

Electrical components that may be included in Fit Out:

  • Specialty Lighting (e.g Surgical lighting, reception lighting, LED Strip Lighting)
  • Additional Power Points for office layouts or Gym facilities
  • Wiring and power for Commercial Kitchen facilities
  • Emergency Call Buttons for Medical or Care facilities
  • Feature or Display Lighting

Our Key Clients

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Upgrades

Do you already have an established business and commercial premises? Are you looking to upgrade and improve your office or retail space to increase efficiency, productivity and functionality? Always Electrical has a skilled team of electrical tradesmen that can retrofit your premises to work better for you. Retrofitting is the process of upgrading your existing electrical components to implement new and innovative technologies in order to serve you better and increase your business functionality and profitability. We believe in providing lasting solutions that will save you money in the long run, with high quality parts and dependable warranty periods.

Our Electricians are well equipped to handle both complete Retrofitting projects as well as small upgrades and changes at your premises. Whether you are looking to upgrade your conventional fluorescent lighting to LED counterparts, rebuild your switchboard or upgrade your power supply, Always Electrical is here and ready to help!


We understand the frustration when you lose productivity in a business because of an electrical fault causing work to come to a grinding halt! While prevention is key to having a well-running business, sometimes electrical defects still occur and breakdowns cause you inconvenience. That is where Always Electrical comes in! Our electrical tradesmen are committed to providing you with prompt and effective maintenance to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our Electricians are able to help with a range of maintenance work, including:

Loss of Power or Lights | Sparking Power Points or Switches | Faulty Timers | Damaged Lights – including High bay, Troffer and Panel lights | Burnt or faulty electrical cords | Switchboard Overloads

Safety Compliance Checks

Electricity is key to ensuring a business runs efficiently, however with this comes daily use of power sources and technology that could pose as a hazard if not properly managed and checked. All business owners are required to managed the electrical risks within their workplace in order to eliminate, or when necessary minimise, any hazards.

RCD Testing

Under regulation 3.60 and 4.37 of Occupational Safety and Health Standards of Western Australia, employers and business owners are required to ensure all Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are kept in safe working order and are tested regularly. In order to determine the frequency of your RCD test, you will need to determine the type of workplace you have. For all workplaces any RCDs must have a push button test done by the owner or an employee every 6 months. This will test that the RCD will trip by simulating a power outage. In addition to these tests, depending on the type of work environment, you will also need either a yearly or biennial RCD test through a licensed electrician. Workplaces that have electrical equipment that is frequently moved, flexed and subject to the elements will require yearly RCD tests to record the trip time of the test simulation. However, work environments without moving electrical equipment, as well as accommodation, halls and other venues need this test every 2 years. These tests will be logged in your onsite RCD Test logbook, as part of your OSH plan.

RCD Safety Switches ensure that if there is any electricity leakage to earth the power is immediately switched off to avoid harm to anyone. RCDs are required in all new constructions, as well as in high risk workplaces. Safety devices are there for your protection, the protection of your employees as well as the safety of any clients or visitors on your premises, and these regulations are there to help you frame a solid safety plan in order to avoid injury and harm occurring in the workplace.

Emergency Exit Light Testing

All emergency and evacuation lighting must be tested, inspected and maintained regularly in accordance with the Australian standards laid out in AS/NZS 2293.2.2019. Your premises will need to have an Emergency & Exit Lighting Logbook that will record each of the product serial numbers, product codes, fitting identification as well as a range of information that describes where the fittings are located and what power source they are connected to. The test report will then include the start and finish time of the test as well as a Pass/Fail notice and any necessary comments. As a business owner, it is your duty of care to have these tested every 6 months. The test involves ensuring that the emergency lights stay illuminated on battery power for a minimum of 90 minutes.

Appliance Test and Tag

For all Western Australian businesses with portable electrical devices and equipment (for instance computers, power cords, Kettles and the like), employers are required to have evidence of a maintenance program documented with an up-to-date register. To do this, one of our trained electricians will come out to test and tag your items, ensure they are in good working order and supply a register which is sent directly to your email address. For commercial items that are frequently moved, subject to wear and tear or in a hostile work environment should be tested every 12 months. However, items that are used in one place and not exposed to moisture or the elements only require to be tested every 5 years. Different rules apply for Construction, demolition and industrial workplaces, which require 6 monthly testing, these details can be found under Industrial Electrical. For hotels, accommodation and function halls test and tagging of all electrical equipment will be required every 2 years.

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