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Electrical Power Points

Are your power points overloaded with power boards and double adaptors? Speak to the team at Always Electrical to have some extra GPOs installed in locations that will be to avoid unnecessary piggy-backing.
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LED Lighting

Always Electrical can upgrade your existing lighting to LED Downlights. This will increase your energy efficiency which will lead to lower power bills!
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RCD Safety Switches

Looking at increasing safety in your home? Upgrade your switchboard to ensure it fits with Australian standards and contains the correct number of RCDs to ensure you and your family are safe.
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Modern Switches & Power Points

A great way to give your home a facelift is to update your switches and GPOs. With new designs and technology there are a vast array of choices available to help freshen up your space and give your electrical work a clean and modern look. We stock components from Clipsal and Legrand, come visit our office to see them in person.
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USB Ports

Did you know that power points can now be installed with USB ports? Being able to plug USB cords into your GPOs mean that you will have easy charging stations while still being able to utilise your other appliances.
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Dimmable Lights

Having dimmable downlights is a great way to add amazing ambiance to your home. Want to relax in your bath after a long day at work or have a romantic dinner at home? Dimmable lighting is also great for night time feeds with a newborn baby, or even for people who have light sensitivity.
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Heat Lamps

Tired of your freezing bathroom and its cold tile floors? Upgrade your lighting to include a 3 in 1 Heat Fan Light fitting to make the winter months more bearable.
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Feature Lighting

Upgrade your kitchen lighting and install island feature lights! Lift the appeal of your kitchen by drawing attention to the heart of your home. Make your space welcoming and bright to make it a great space to socialise and entertain in.
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Residential Electrical Maintenance

We are able to help with many electrical faults, including:

Tripping RCDs

Faulty Smoke Alarms

Faulty Power points and switches

Repair or Replacements for Lighting and Fans

Faulty Electric Hot Water Systems

Faulty Bore Pumps

Breakdowns to Evaporative Air Conditioning

Electrical for Renovations and Extensions

Are you renovating your home, adding an extension or even building a granny flat on your property? One of the key parts of functionality in a new room is ensuring there is adequate lighting and power for your needs. How frustrating is it when you want to plug in an electronic device only to find you have no power point nearby? Or when you are trying to read a book or cook for your family but the space isn’t bright enough for you! At Always Electrical we are here to give our expert advice on your electrical design and installation, in order to create a functional space you will love spending time in! Our team can work on both indoor renovations and electrical upgrades, as well as outdoor extensions, including jobs such as the install of alfresco lighting and fans, weatherproof power points and wiring sheds.

Electrical Upgrades

There are so many options when upgrading the electrical in your home! We can help with a large range of changes to help increase your efficiency, productivity, aesthetic and even safety. Our team of skilled electricians have experience working with pre-existing installations, working to remove and upgrade electrical components to meet your needs.

Electrical faults and power issues can be a big frustration for your family. With Fridges, lighting and other electronics that need to be powered to keep your family going, we understand the importance of attending to electrical maintenance in order to get you back on track.

We ensure that your home is made safe when you have a power fault or an urgent repair, while working to find the best solution to getting electricity to your home again. Our Electricians are proficient in electrical fault-finding techniques, to ensure that the root of the problem is diagnosed and repaired as quickly as possible.

Electrical Safety and Compliance

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and so we are dedicated to ensuring your home or investment property is compliant with all government regulations. All new homes, investment or rental properties as well as sale properties are required to uphold these government regulations, however because safety is so important, we do recommend that even if you own and live in an old home, that you ensure your electrical safety measures meet the Australian standards. Home ownership and occupancy will determine the rules and regulations that must be enforced, specifically for smoke alarms and RCD safety switches. If you are concerned if your home is safe or compliant, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office to get information on your specific situation. However, please see below for the general information you need to know for your home.

Electrical Safety Requirements for Sale of Property or Rental Dwellings

At the time of settlement, sellers are required to provide an Electrical Safety Certificate (commonly referred to as an ESC) before the change of ownership can occur. It is your responsibility as a previous owner to ensure that your property is safe according to current standards. Always Electrical is able to do an electrical inspection and repair, change-over or install any insufficient safety items. On completion of the inspection, if deemed compliant, they will complete a Safety Certificate; this will be emailed to the paying client.

During this inspection our Electrical Tradesman will ensure that there is the correct amount of smoke alarms for the dwelling, making sure they are in date and are in working order. While there are a number of factors that determine the required number of smoke alarms, the fundamental rule is that if all bedrooms are off of one hallway then only 1 hardwired smoke alarm is required. However, if there is a separate bedroom in another area of the house, another smoke detector will be needed in that area as well. In addition to this, if it is a double storey house, there will need to be one smoke alarm on each level of the home.

Our tradesmen will also ensure that there are 2 RCDs installed in your switchboard, as per government requirement for sales or rental properties. RCDs are used to protect all power and lighting circuits in case of an electrical or appliance fault. Having this technology means that you are protected if a fault or electrical hazard occurs. These devices provide a quick power trip to defend you from harm if an imbalance of electrical current is detected.

RCD Safety Switches are imperative to ensure you are safe in case of fault, which means it is so important to check and test your RCDs regularly. Each RCD is fitted with a test button, it is recommended that you press this button every 3 months to ensure the RCD trips your power. If it cuts off power to the circuits through the test simulation you can be reassured that the safety switch is in good working order. To restore power, all you have to do is flip the switch of the tripped RCD back on. However, if by pressing the test button the power is not cut-off, we recommend you call Always Electrical to attend to your home, as this indicates that your RCD is faulty.