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Our Services

Are you looking to get some electrical work done on your property? Do you need some advice for what solutions will meet your needs so that you can harness energy efficiency and your own productivity? Always Electrical is here to help! We are a team of experienced electricians that serve the Perth Metro area with care and dedication to you, our valued clients! We believe in providing you with a tailored service in order to ensure that we can give you electrical work that will give you lasting solutions that are suitable you!

We focus on understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations, ensuring that long-term solutions are utilized, rather than quick band-aid fixes that will leave you looking for more. Always Electrical provides a vast range of services in order to meet your needs, be it for your home, school, retail shop or factory! With specialized teams dedicated to sectors within the industry, we are able to provide and cater to your needs for residential electrical work, commercial electrical solutions and we even have industrial electrical knowledge and experience.

How can Always Electrical serve you?

Always Electrical is here to serve you in your homes, to ensure you continue to have power and efficiency. Whether you are building a new home, looking to renovate, or need some electrical maintenance our team can support you and offer solutions that will provide you with long-term results.

We offer a range of high-quality electrical parts including RCDs, smoke alarms, downlights and power points that mean your home will not only have safe and functional electrics, but also fit the aesthetics of your home.

Perth is a growing commercial hub, with new businesses and corporations launching and growing throughout the Perth Metropolitan area. Whether you have a home office, are renovating a retail space to make it your own, or building a new commercial office, we are ready to help you from electrical design through to install to get the perfect electrical solutions for your individual needs. From new constructions to maintenance and compliance checks, we are here to help your business, school or church with all of your electrical requirements.

Are you part of an Engineering firm or Wholesale facility? Do you have large factory space, machinery and manufacturing equipment? From specialized electrical design for new warehouse construction, to repairs of industrial machinery, our team of experienced electricians are ready to offer prompt help and lasting results.

With knowledge in designing and building control cabinets, as well as experience in maintaining and repairing electrical control circuits and contactors, we will be able to offer the services you need to get your facility or factory up and running to its full potential.

What areas will Always Electrical Service?

Always Electrical provides for Perth electrical needs within the metropolitan area and surrounds. From Mandurah through to North Beach and Hillarys, we are happy to work with you to provide excellent electrical work for your home or business. Whether your business is in Forrestdale or Welshpool, or you’re building a home in Dawesville or Fremantle we are able serve you and bring your vision to life.

Do you want to know if we are able to work in your area for the scope of your electrical works? Give us a call on 9399 2071 or fill in our contact form to speak to our Customer Experience team, they would be more than happy to answer any questions you have and give you an idea on availability.