Residential Electrical Services

New Installations:

Always Electrical continues to provide quality electrical installations to new homes ranging from Owner Builder projects to boutique Home Builders. We are experienced in designing the electrical installation based on the Client’s expectations and budget and are committed to ensuring the final result is of high standards.

Through our network of business associates we are also able to provide Intelligent Lighting Control Systems, Audio Systems, Intercom, Security and CCTV.

Maintenance and Upgrades:

Always Electrical originally started out by providing service work to existing homes, and some 30 years later we have not forsaken the original basis for the company. We continue to provide an electrical maintenance service ranging from replacing faulty switches to repairing electric hot water systems to evaporative air-conditioner breakdowns.

We are also readily available to assist bringing your residential property “Up To Standard” by installing the necessary RCD safety switches and smoke alarms as required for selling or leasing your property.

Should you require any further information or free advice regarding these services, please do not hesitate to contact our Office on 9399 2071 or email us at